bhr super frost

BHR Super Frost is a classy, dark palomino who carries extra chrome. He has a great personality that passes on to his progeny. We have pasture bred him, and he is very respectful to the mares and foals and doesn’t have a scratch on him. We are getting great reports across the country from the owners of Super Frost colts on how smart, athletic and how easy going they are.

BHR Super Deck was one of the greatest mares we have ever raised. She not only had AAA speed and agility, but was also one of the nicest disposition horses one the ranch. Super Deck was third in the prestigious Diamond Classic Derby in Wyoming. Super Frost’s colts are showing what they are capable of in the arena and on the track.

BHR Go Go Girl was second in the South Dakota Bred Futurity in Aberdeen this year, and a past Dakota Breeders Classic consignment was a winner at the Dash and Dance Barrel Futurity in Spearfish this past spring. They are very stout, sound horses with good muscle and bone.

​BHR Super Frost and his progeny are proof of our 50-year commitment to raising Quarter Horses that excel on the ranch, in the arena, and on the track. From Broken Heart Ranch 

​We are very happy with the foals sired by Super Frost. They have a lot of intelligence, cow sense, speed and athleticism. When it comes to ranch work or arena work Super Frost colts will get the job done and still make long days in the saddle more enjoyable.

BHR Super frost sired colts from our 2018 sale. contact us  for a catalog for our 2019 offering

Foaled: 1999 #3815538 Palomino Stallion